Sustainable Farming

Traditional Commonage Farming

In order to promote sustainable  and profitable hill sheep farming in the Achill and Clew Bay region, our specification for our Clew Bay Lamb offers a real, lasting and workable solution for the new generation of farmers to revert to the old traditional farming practices in order to guarantee a sustainable future for lamb sales in what has traditionally been an economically-depressed area of County Mayo.

Our approved farmers are now seeing the ease as well as the benefit in re-adopting the traditional methods of farming which CaorAcla promotes and combined with the novel approach of weighing and scoring their lambs to conform with CaorAcla’s strict requirements this will guarantee sustainability for our premium lamb products and benefit everyone involved.

Clew Bay Area of County Mayo

Our Clew Bay Lambs must be reared on the natural grasses, herbage and heathers of Achill Island and the Clew Bay Basin and reach a minimum carcass weight of over 12 kg to be considered by CaorAcla for its Clew Bay Lamb range.

July to January

CaorAcla will be actively purchasing suitable Mayo Blackface Lambs and cross-bred Mayo Blackface Lambs from Achill and Clew Bay farmers from mid July to the end of January and taking orders from its customers throughout the same period. Please contact us for further information regarding livestock sales or Clew Bay Lamb purchases.