Full Traceability

Farm to Fork

Lambs must be reared on the natural grasses, herbage and heathers of the Achill Island and Clew Bay coastal region and reach a minimum carcass weight of over 12 kg to be considered by CaorAcla for its Clew Bay Lamb range.

Every week between July and January, we supply whole and half carcasses of our lambs along with sweetbreads, kidneys, liver and any other offal cuts from the animals. What this means for our customers is complete traceability of our Clew Bay Lamb, from (1) the farm of origin through (2) the slaughter process and (3) to the chef or to the home-buyer. Each lamb carcass delivered comes with precise information to give a clear picture of every step of the process, including the name and address of the farmer whose lamb is supplied.

Our lamb is raised to exacting standards regarding weight, condition and breed, and is born and raised exclusively on Achill Island and around the Clew Bay Basin. Our lambs spend their lives on the farms on which they are born, and where possible remain milk-fed by their mothers throughout the season. This helps ensure a high quality product. All of our lambs roam the coastal areas around Achill Island and Clew Bay and graze on local Machair grasses and herbs nourished by the Atlantic air which gives our Clew Bay Lamb its unique flavour. In the earlier part of the season, we offer mixed-breed Blackface lamb, until our pure-breed lambs have grown to sufficient size and weights.