What is Clew Bay Lamb?

It is a hardy breed of lamb from the Achill Island and Clew Bay region of County Mayo and from the native local breed of sheep known as Mayo Blackface Sheep.

What makes it different? Is it just the size or the taste etc?

It is similar to Connemara Hill Lamb, but tastier. It is very different from the lamb normally sold in butcher shops and supermarkets as it is much lighter (almost half the weight) and has a sweeter saltier taste due to the coastal grasses, herbs and heathers that the lambs are free to eat along the Achill Island and Clew Bay coastlines. It is not grain fed and is free-range.

When is it available?

It is available in season from July to December as the lambs are born in March/April.

What exactly will I be getting if I order?

2 legs (a sheep only has 2 legs, its front legs are referred to as shoulders!), 2 shoulders, 2 French trimmed racks, 2 belly/breasts rolled, 2 neck fillets, 4 packs of loin chops, (6 chops in each pack), 2 packs of gigot chops (4 chopes in each pack) and 2 lamb kidneys.

How long can I freeze it for?

Our lamb should be eaten within 6 months of freezing it however it retains its quality for longer than that!

How do I pay - cash / cheque / card / over the phone?

You can pay by credit card or by cash on delivery.

What date can I order until / when does season finish?

We will take orders for deliveries nationwide throughout the year, however the season for deliveries commences in mid July and finishes on the following January or for as long as stocks last.

Where does it come from?

Is reared on the mountains, bogs and shores of Achill Island and the Clew Bay Basin on the west coast of Mayo.

Does it need to be cooked any differently?

No, you just cook it the same as all other lamb! Rosemary, garlic, pepper and salt really bring out its natural flavours! Check out our Recipe page for some more creative ways to prepare and share our Clew Bay Lamb!

Where can I buy it?

You can order and pay online on this site or place an order by just calling us directly or by sending us an email with your name, phone number, address and order. Easy as that!

Would it fit in my freezer? Would I need a lot of space?

A whole lamb butchered will comfortably fit in a box freezer and a half  lamb butchered would comfortably fit into a drawer of a tall fridge freezer.

How is it packaged / cut up and will it be labelled?

All of the cuts listed in Question 7 above will be separately packaged and labelled to that you can easily identify the cuts when looking for them in the freezer.

Can it be delivered to my door at any time of the day?

We will arrange in advance with you when suits to deliver. We can deliver the lamb box to your place of work or to a neighbour if that suits!

Once I've ordered when can I expect delivery?

We try to deliver all lambs ordered in season (July-January) within 1 to 2 weeks of being ordered. Sometimes if a large number of orders is received it can take up to 3 weeks to deliver. Most of our customers are happy to wait for what is a product worth waiting for!