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All of the quoted prices include VAT. Free Delivery Nationwide for all Full Lamb orders, €15 delivery charge on all Half Lamb orders.

Home/Office Orders

We supply our lamb to private customers as well as to the restaurant and catering industry. You can order whole carcass of lamb fully butchered for delivery to your home, your office or your friends! Our lamb can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months (or longer if frozen properly) and freezing the meat does not affect its quality whatsoever thankfully!

Our boxed lambs are delivered from Monday to Friday anywhere nationwide. Our packaging ensures that your meat will arrive chilled and in perfect condition. Your lamb cuts are packaged in air-tight packaging and are stored in temperature controlled boxes, allowing the meat to stay fresh for at least 48 hours.

July to January Season

CaorAcla will be actively purchasing suitable blackface and cross-bred mountain lambs from Achill and Clew Bay farmers from July to January and taking orders from its customers throughout the same period. Please contact us for further information regarding livestock sales or lamb meat purchases.

Any Clew Bay Lambs ordered now will be delivered in July when the new season lamb comes on stream. Order now to avoid disappointment later in the summer as we operate on a first-come first-served basis!

How much meat is in a butchered lamb?

We supply whole lamb carcasses that are of a weight ranging between 12kg to 16kg. A whole lamb will be broken down into the following craft butcher cuts and packaged separately for easy storage in a freezer:

– 2 Legs (a sheep only has 2 legs, its front legs are referred to as shoulders!)
– 2 Shoulders
– 2 French Trimmed Racks
– 2 Belly / Breasts Rolled (boned and rolled in 1 pack of 4 half cuts)

– Neck of Lamb (stewing cuts in 1 or 2 packs)
– 2 Lamb Shanks
– 2 Packs of Loin Chops (approx. 5 chops in each pack)
– 2 Packs of Gigot Chops (approx. 4 chops in each pack)
– 2 Lamb Kidneys (packed with Loin Chops)