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It’s that time of year again and we are currently taking online orders for our Achill Lamb and Clew Bay Lamb meat boxes if you would like to get in touch. Our first batch of butchered lambs will be available in September 2018 for delivery nationwide. We are a running a little later this year due to the dry weather and the lack of quality grass on Achill Island in June and July this year, which is needed to grow and fatten our Achill lambs. If you haven’t done so already please subscribe to our Newsletter below to find out about our special offers for 2018! We haven’t increased our prices this year so please do click into our shop and place an order soon.

CaorAcla Blackface Lamb is an exceptional gourmet meat from the Achill Island and Clew Bay coastal basin off Ireland’s West Coast. Our blackface mountain lambs are fully traceable with less than 3 steps from farm to fork. They are raised in a sustainable and ethical manner using traditional hill-farming methods. As well as being milk-fed by their mothers for the duration of the season, they also feed on the unique mix of local grasses, herbs, wild flowers and heathers which are nourished and seasoned by the Atlantic sea air.

A full lamb consists of 2 legs (a sheep only has 2 legs, its front legs are referred to as shoulders!), 2 shoulders, 2 French trimmed racks, 2 belly/breasts rolled, 2 neck fillets, 4 packs of loin chops, (6 chops in each pack), 2 packs of gigot chops (4 chops in each pack) and 2 lamb kidneys.  A whole lamb will comfortably fit in a box freezer or two freezer drawers.  A half lamb would comfortably fit into a drawer of a tall fridge freezer.

All of the cuts listed above will be separately packaged and labelled to that you can easily identify the cuts when looking for them in the freezer.
You lamb will be delivered in an insulated box along with freezer gel packs to keep your lamb at the optimum temperature until you can get it to your fridge or freezer.

Our lamb is available in season from July as the lambs are born in March/April.  Once our lamb is ready to be delivered we will get in touch with you. The season will be finished by the end of the following January or for as long as stocks last.  If you would like to be put on our mailing list please click here.

CaorAcla will arrange for the delivery of your order of lamb to your home, your place of work or to any other location you nominate in Ireland. We will keep in contact with you to let you know when your lamb order is on its way to your chosen delivery address.

CaorAcla’s appointed courier company uses innovative tracking and delivery technology, has a centrally-located, sophisticated sortation hub, has regional depots across Ireland and employs an experienced, customer-focused team of people. Our agents will call or email you with your tracking number in advance so that you can track your lamb with the courier company or through ourselves while it is winging its way to you!  This important tracking number will give you a timeframe of when to expect delivery on day you want it delivered.

For now, you can pay by credit card or paypal on our site.  You can also place an order by calling us directly or by sending us an email with your name, phone number, address and order. Easy as that!

Customer Reviews

Lamb has always been a favourite of mine, whether it be a leg, a rack or a stew and I would always buy some if I was west of the Shannon. But, since I heard of CaorAcla, and tasted their Lamb, I wouldn’t be satisfied with any other lamb, as the flavour and taste is second to none.

Nuala. Stillorgan, Co, Dublin.


I’ve always liked lamb, it was a nice to have, a treat for the occasional Sunday. But since trying the CaorAcla Achill Lamb, our weekly meal planning has taken a lovely turnaround . We have lamb around twice a week and our freezer is always full of ideas. We love a slow-cooked stew mid-week, maybe a roast on Sunday and the kids love baked chops any day of the week. The flavour and sweetness of the meat makes every meal special.

Claire, Phibsboro, Dublin 7


We used to plan our Lamb dinners around when we could get to a good butcher. But since ordering a lamb through CaorAcla, we can eat this amazing lamb anytime. Having it delivered straight to our door within days of ordering makes life so much easier and the price is really good for the quality of the lamb we get. They always recommend really interesting recipes in their newsletter and we love trying something new.

Miriam, Errill-Rathdowney, Co Laois

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